Real Time Visual Tracking System Mimicking Saccadic Movements

Yoshinori Takeuchi, Zeng-Fu Wang, Noboru Ohnishi, Noboru Sugie
Proceedings of Second Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Vol. 1, pp.131-135 (1995).

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This paper presents a real-time visual tracking system that can follow a moving object by controlling the pan and tilt of a camera based on the object position obtained by video-rate image processing. The system consists of a camera, an image processing system, a pan/tilt platform and a motor driver. The developed platform can control the pan and tilt angle of a camera with accuracy of 0.002 deg and speed of 50 deg/sec. We have developed a tracking algorithm using both an edge image and a frame subtraction image so as to be robust against noise. The algorithm, implemented on a general purpose image processor, can detect a moving object in less than 33 msec. As an experimental result, the system can track a moving object in real-time.